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Used for subflooring and trim applications. FITS: Airy ADA0637CRK, Atro Minor 18NC150, Bea 90/38, Bea 90/40, Besco 90/38, Besco SB 1840 Stapler, Besco TK21N1, Campbell SN258K, Craftsman 18300 Series, Depoan 73/9040, Depoan PN763, DeVilbiss NBSCN2X4, Duo-Fast KN1848A, EZ NS 90/40, Fasco R3C-90/40, Grex 90/25-32-40, Grex BS 5032 Stapler, Griprite GRPSN150, Haubold PN6040H, Hitachi N3804A, Hitachi N3804AA, Hitachi N3804AB, Interchange ICB SF 9040B, Makita AT 638, Omer 90/38, Omer 90/40, Porter Cable NS150, Porter Cable NSS150, Prebena 2P E 40 S 90, Prebena 3M E 50 PR, PrimeAIr SN 150, Senco Finish Pro, Senco LN4450, Senco SKS15, Senco SLS 25 XP, Senco SLS18, Spotnails HL 3852, Spotnails TRL 3852, Spotnails TS4825, Spotnails WS 4840W2, Supco 9040.

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